The Misunderstood Enigma Of Guillaume Latendresse



    Nice article from Robert at Eyes On The Prize about Guillaume Latendresse. He makes some valid points but I still feel Latendresse has been handled with “kid gloves” when other players haven’t had the same treatment or opportunities. It’s simply a question of fairness and what’s best for Guillaume Latendresse’s development as a player. I still believe he would have benefited from more ice time, both on the powerplay and in even strength situations in Hamilton……..even for a 15-20 game stint.

    Let’s be honest, Latendresse has had limited ice time throughout the season (he only played 11:26 against St. Louis and averages 12:16 per game) which isn’t enough for his development as a player. I was happy to hear that he is trying different things (ie- weighs attached to his skates, working out harder,….) to improve his conditioning and foot speed but why wasn’t this being done with more seriousness during the off-season. I know he worked with Scott Livingston during the off-season but how serious was his work ethic when Livingston wasn’t around.

    In the end, Latendresse will progress into a good NHL player with lower expectations, stronger work ethic and hopefully an improvement in his skill set otherwise there will always be people who will question the wisdom of the way he was handled by the Canadiens organization.