Toronto Sun: Thrown into fire, Peddie says



    Will they make the same mistake when Leafs management finally does fire JFJ and begin to search for a new GM. One thing is certain, Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment Ltd needs a complete restructuring with one “hockey” man at the helm of hockey decisions. There are too many people with their fingerprints all over the hockey operations aspect of this organization. As TSN’s Bob McKenzie has stated (, MLSE is a mess which makes it difficult for any rebuilding to be done and believe me Leaf fans, your team needs to send some high priced, under achieving talent to the AHL and start keeping their draft picks. It will take 3-5 years before this organization can get things straightened out and that’s a modest opinion.
    What experienced GM in his right mind would be interested in taking the Leafs job without the higher management issues being resolved before hand? The one thing that can be said is the expectations won’t be high and the new GM will hopefully be given 5-7 years to correct this mess……..JFJ was certainly given that much time to mess it up so………