Trotter Signs NHL Contract with Montreal


    Updated 08/03/11:
    A recent article in Hockey’s Future gives us a better understanding of Brock Trotter’ hockey skills.
    Hockey’s Future (Jason Menard):
    Trotter is a potentially high-reward player signed as a free agent halfway through the year.“Any time you get a chance to pick up an offensive player like Brock without giving up anything, you go for it,” Timmins said, adding that the Brandon, MB native had long been on the club’s radar. “I met him in his house with his parents and said if he wasn’t drafted as a 19-year-old, we’d be interested in him as a college free agent.”After Trotter’s agent sent out a fax to all clubs saying that Trotter was leaving the University of Denver, the Habs pounced. “We had already done our homework and he had played minor hockey with one of our players – Ryan White.”Although questions arose as to why Trotter was no longer a part of the Denver squad, Timmins said the club is comfortable with the fact that there are no character issues. “We do extensive background checks to be on the safe side,” he explained. “We found out through various sources that [Trotter]’s a very good person, so we had no hesitation in signing him. He’s a hell of a hockey player.”Trotter led (and still leads) the University of Denver in scoring with 31 points in 24 games, which included 13 goals. In his four games in Hamilton, he has one assist as he works his way back into game shape. Trotter had not practiced in three weeks before being signed by the Habs and assigned to Hamilton.“His strength lies from the offensive blueline in,” Timmins said. “He’s like a [Ray] Whitney, although I’m not saying he is Whitney.”As to why he was passed over in the draft, Timmins feels it’s a number of issues. “Maybe the first year was exposure, he missed most of the first year with a severed Achilles tendon,” he explained. “Last year may have been size – he’s 5’9.”
    Sorry Canadiens fans, it’s not Marian Hossa but I can remember a certain 5’9″ 180lbs University of Vermont forward signed as a NCAA free agent in 1998 by the Calgary Flames………his name: Martin St. Louis so don’t under estimate any player signing.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not insinuating that Brock Trotter will become another St. Louis but never say never!!!!
    I’m trying to find a scouting report on Mr. Trotter to see what he brings to the table as far as skill set is concerned but I haven’t had much luck. I did hear his game is very similar to Ray Whitney of the Carolina Hurricanes which says a lot about Brock Trotter’s skill set as Whitney is a very talented two way player who can skates very well and has an offensive flair. He presently leads the Hurricanes in scoring……..maybe I’ll give a couple of my amateur scout friends a call to see what else they know about Trotter. I do know that he had his Achilles tendon cut straight through by the skate blade of North Dakota defenseman Matt Smaby in the 2005 NCAA season and missed the rest of the season. This is a pretty serious injury but he was able to fully recover as he led Denver University in scoring the next two seasons.
    Denver University: