TSN: Getzlaf, Ducks agree on contract extension



    Great job by Brian Burke to get Ryan Getzlaf signed to a long term contract after what happened with the Justin Penner situation. Getzlaf is a very talented and dynamic young player who will have a very solid NHL career so it was a no brainer for Burke to get his signature on a contract.

    Is Getzlaf worth $26.5 million over 5 years? Maybe not this early in his young career but are Penner or Vanek worth the same type of money? I think not!!! It’s the “new market” price that unfortunately has to be paid for talented young players who will become RFA. If Burke or any NHL GM are not proactive in signing these players to inflated contracts then a “renegade” GM like Kevin Lowe will be more than happy to overpay these players huge contracts. It’s just the price of doing business now, thanks to the Kevin Lowe’s of the hockey world.