TSN: NHL suspends Flyers’ Boulerice 25 games


    25 games sounds just about right. Jesse Boulerice is lucky he can resume his “hockey career” at all after such a vicious cross check to Ryan Kesler’s head. Thank god Kesler wasn’t seriously hurt otherwise Boulerice would be looking for another line of work.


    1. Lighten up! This is hockey. When you are trying to hurt a player or finish someone off, your eyes are focued on them well after you hit them. Boulerice was looking away and did not finish his check. Also, Kesler should not stop a foot from the boards with a player chasing him from behind. Every player knows when you get hit a foot away fron the boards is when you get hurt. I disagree with the supendion. This hit is like throwing the foot ball over the middle in a zone defence. Someone is going to get hurt!

    2. Dear ANONYMOUS,

      I think you better read the article before commenting on it and realize the Boulerice suspension was for crosschecking Kesler in the face!!! which I think deserved a 25 game suspension.
      I think this comment would be better made towards the Randy Jones suspension which I didn’t post an opinion on.


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