What a Huet breaker….I mean heart breaker!!!!!



    What a heart breaking loss!!!! It is truly a shame to end a very entertaining game in such a @#$&!*$ manner. I saw the replays of the Stajan goal and it’s hard to know if the puck struck Mark Streit’s stick or beat Cristobal Huet cleanly. The whole situation was eerily similar to the goal Huet let in against the Hurricanes in the 2005-06 playoffs that clinched the series for Carolina. I know the circumstances are different but I’m sure every Habs fan had a bad flashback moment. Huet would have liked to have the last goal back if he had another chance:
    ”You try to see the puck off the stick, but it slowed down and caught me off guard and got through me,” Huet said. ”It definitely was not a great goal.”

    The first period didn`t start out well for the Habs who were being outshot by a 10-2 margin midway through the period. They got their game together for the last 45-50 minutes and ended up outshoting the Leafs 34-31 but came up short where it counted: On the scoreboard!!!!
    Habster`s Game Points:
    • Saku Koivu and Christopher Higgins had great games again. Both of them were flying and driving hard to the net, I wish I could say the same about Michael Ryder!!! Could you imagine if Ryder was playing better, how much better the line would be. You have to think Carbonneau is starting to lose patience with Ryder’s lack of offensive production. For the second straight game, Carbonneau has taken Ryder off the first line during the third periods (not exactly a vote of confidence). If Ryder can’t get himself straightened out then Andrei Kostitsyn should be given a chance on the first line with Koivu and Higgins.
    • Will someone please attach a bungy cord from the goal post to Huet’s jersey to prevent him from wandering out of his crease. He has to be the worst puck handling goaltender in the NHL, hands down!!!!
    • Is it me or does Mats Sundin look uglier by the minute. He reminds me of Uncle Fester from the Munsters TV show. All that’s missing is a light bulb in his mouth.
    • Just when I think Roman Hamrlik is at the top of his game, he shows me another level or element to his game. Hamrlik was a physical force tonight, hitting everything in sight.

    Arghhhhhh!!!!! I still can’t believe we lost to the damn @!#$&*+Maple Leafs!!!!!!!


    1. How did we lose this one? Seems like T.O. somehow retains bragging rights. incredible. i have to say im extremely disappointed. How do teams like Toronto or Vancouver so easily get great goalies they never produced so easily? Ours was a diamond in the rough but luongo is great and toskala a riser… We’d better get something better than what those teams gave up when we finally trade Huet and are bestowed the future tandem: Halak and Price lol

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