What We Learned on 24CH: A Merry Christmas [S3:E13]


by Erica, Staff Writer and Fundraising Specialist, All Habs Hockey Magazine


MONTREAL, QC. — It seems like 24CH will not stop going right for viewer’s feelings. The last few episodes packed an emotional punch, and this one tries to warm the heart like a cheesy Christmas movie would. And hey, it’s still the holidays, so why not? Here’s what we learned:

P.K. Subban doesn’t know how to wrap a present. He bought skates for his nephews as Christmas gifts and seemed to need step-by-step instructions on how to wrap them. I’m not judging him, though – I might be able to wrap gifts, but I haven’t won any Norris trophies. Christmas with the Subban family was a low-key, joyful affair: siblings reunited and exchanging gifts, parents cooking up a storm, and a visit from Santa Claus. If you’re wondering what Subban received as gifts? A customized tracksuit, lip balm (from a thoughtful sister!) and socks. Lots of socks, probably.

Hard work pays off. This episode showed the results of hard work as seen in two careers: athlete and athletic therapist. First, we’re taken to Winnipeg, Manitoba, hometown of forward Dale Weise. Family, friends, and community members all shared stories of a boy who grew up playing backyard hockey, working hard to overcome his flaws and help his team win. Weise’s father, a lifelong Canadiens fan, remembers watching his 5-year-old son scoring a goal during his first shift of his very first game. Weise credits his family, his childhood friends, and the people who didn’t believe in him as inspiration to keep working hard and ultimately earn his spot on an NHL roster. Miles Weise remembers the day his son was traded to Montreal: “I had tears in my eyes, I had to collect myself. My little boy is going to play for the Montreal Canadiens!” It’s pretty clear who Weise’s biggest supporters are.

Part of the reason why Weise is able to work so hard on the ice is because of the hard work of head athletic therapist Graham Rynbend, who does everything necessary to ensure that all of his work surfaces are clean. Some people call him a germophobe, but Rynbend chooses to disinfect visiting arenas and clean players’ water bottles in order to avoid exposing players to potential illness or infections.

The World Junior Hockey Championship isn’t just great for fans. The Canadiens’ scouting staff are grateful for the opportunity to see so many young players in their own building. Trevor Timmins and his team are keeping an eye on European players, to see how they play on North American ice and against North American players. Timmins says he is always on the lookout for prospects that could make a splash at the NHL draft, hoping to find that sleeper pick. Maybe a few years from now, 24CH will follow a player who was scouted during this tournament!

Best bits. Subban getting his hair cut before Christmas, at a Toronto barbershop called The Forum. – Brendan Gallagher making friendly conversation with a referee, who just happens to also wear number 11. – Alex Galchenyuk broke a tooth during a shift.