Who’s This Guy? All Habs Special Edition – Brian


by Amy, Managing Editor, HabsTweetup.com (AllHabs.net)

So you can get to know Habs players, All Habs provides you with “Who’s this guy” condensed biographies. So you can get to know the people who write for you, we present “Who’s this guy/girl All Habs Special Edition”. Today, Brian.

Brian – Commissioner, All Habs Fantasy Sports
  • Height: 6’1″
  • Age: Old enough to have seen the Habs win 7 Stanley Cups with his own eyes
  • Writes: Right
  • Born: Montreal, QC
  • Drafted: By All Habs, Winter 2009
The Specs
  • Born and raised in Montreal, Brian grew up during the 70s Habs dynasty. Hockey was a way of life winter, spring, summer and fall. He was lucky to go to 6-10 Habs games a year during that era, thanks to his Dad. Brian really never had to think about what team to cheer for. It really is in his blood.
The Essentials
  • When he’s not watching hockey or football or slaving away at a keyboard at his day job, he’s pretty much consumed by his duties as a Dad to 3 boys. His oldest – 8 years old – has high functioning cerebral palsy having been born in a small town hospital and experienced a shortage of oxygen at birth for a very short period of time. Brian is thankful that it wasn’t worse and primarily it’s only his legs impacted needing help only to walk. He’s a quick learner and will do big things. Next up, his middle son, is a bit of a mystery. He has some learning difficulties that they’re trying to get a handle on but he runs around non-stop like a little mad man with the youngest, a 2-and-a-half year old who expresses interest in grabbing a hockey stick and getting out the net every chance he gets. Look out for him!
What you must know
  • In the early 2000s while in between jobs he hosted Karaoke multiple times per week for a year or so. His ears still haven’t recovered.  He’s an NFL football aficionado and unsurprisingly – since he’s commissioner for All Habs’ fantasy leagues – he enjoys fantasy sports.
What you probably didn’t know
  • As a kid, Brian used to write to players (not just Canadiens players, though they were priority) for their autographed pictures. Many accommodated but surprisingly one who was an idol – to this day of both his sister and him – Ken Dryden didn’t. His sister, a few years his senior, wrote a scathing letter to him expressing her disappointment in him not replying to Brian. One hot summer night he was out playing with friends after dinner when he heard his Dad calling him. He ignored his repeated calls. When Brian got home, to his absolute disbelief, he found out he missed a very important telephone call. Ken Dryden had actually called his house to talk to him and apologize. He offered Brian’s sister no excuses and hoped his apology would be accepted. And yes, he duly sent along his autographed photo.
The Stats
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