Who’s This Guy? All Habs Special Edition – Robert


by Chantal, Managing Editor, AllHabs.net

So you can get to know Habs players, All Habs provides you with “Who’s this guy” condensed biographies. So you can get to know the people who write for you, we present “Who’s this guy/girl All Habs Special Edition”. Today, Robert.

Robert – Senior Writer AllHabs.net
  • Height: 6’4″
  • Age: 28 years old
  • Writes: Right
  • Born: Montreal, Québec
  • Drafted: By All Habs, Winter 2011
The Specs
  • Since Robert grew up in Montreal, he’d always been a fan to a certain degree of the Habs but his household didn’t have cable/satellite so for many years it was hard for him to get access to many games. He began watching the team full-time in the 2008-2009 season and since then he has watched at or around 90% of Montreal’s games in the past four years. When he’s not keeping pace with the Habs, Robert works at the CN Rail Yard in Brampton, Ontario, assisting the crane operators in assembling and diassembling trains. He joined All Habs on a standing offer from site owner Rick Stephens and was very glad to join such a comprehensive publication about Les Habitants.
The Essentials
  • Robert is one of the biggest Saku Koivu fans in the Habs fandom. He always loved his passion and his fearlessness on the ice. When he knew he was coming back with Anaheim to play in Montreal, he made sure to acquire two tickets to the game and it felt very good to stand with the crowd and chant “Saku” to the returning hero of the past decade. When it comes to hockey, he’s pretty much a skill hockey fanatic. End to end plays and highlight-reel goals are what define it for him. He can watch Pavel Datsyuk play all day and really wishes Alex Ovechkin would find his old form because there was nothing better than seeing him score on his back or while falling down. Robert’s dream is to see the prospects he so enthusiastically follows (and perhaps called as future stars) to make the Montreal Canadiens and redefine the team as a true power in the NHL once more.
What you must know
  • He is a proud geek, he plays video games, reads comic books, has seen every superhero movie that was worth seeing since 1998 (and a few that were definitely not). Star Wars is burned forever into his brain. He can recall the miscellaneous at will and can do math in his head that gives others headaches. Robert loves dogs and is not sure anyone who doesn’t like them isn’t a secret cyborg.
What you probably didn’t know
  • In 2004, his best friend and him were in line outside of what was once The Spectrum in Montreal to see a show by Finger Eleven, before their music went absolutely soft of course. They were standing there, waiting around and a guy’s going by the line a couple times. His best friend puts it together, it’s the bassist for Finger Eleven Sean Anderson so naturally like a bassist in most groups, nobody’s noticing who he is. They talk with him a few minutes, laugh a bit that he’s going unnoticed. Nobody else seemed to pick up on it when he walked off and left.
The Stats


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