Who’s this guy? All Habs Special Edition – Steve


by Chantal, Managing Editor, AllHabs.net

So you can get to know Habs players, All Habs provides you with “Who’s this guy” condensed biographies. So you can get to know the people who write for you, we present “Who’s this guy/girl All Habs Special Edition”. Today, Steve.

Steve – Associate Editor AllHabs.net
  • Height: 6’2″
  • Age: 32 years old
  • Writes: Right
  • Born: Montreal, Québec
  • Drafted: By All Habs, Autumn 2010
The Specs
  • Steve played hockey as a goaltender until he hung up the pads at the age of 27.  He removed the rest of the equipment at the age of 28. Drafted by the Rimouski Oceanic of the QMJHL in 1997, he played two seasons of Junior AAA and ended his career playing in a senior league on the south shore of Montreal. A downhill-end some would think.  He was a fan of the Boston Bruins (Andy Moog) and Vancouver Canucks (Kirk Mclean) growing up, and only really started cheering for the Habs after Patrick Roy, who he has a minor dislike for, was traded away to Colorado. Andy Moog putting on the Canadiens jersey for the first time also helped with the transition. Steve also works as a business process analyst in the telecommunication industry, therefore obviously has the ability to get anyone and everyone a deal on a new cell phone. He never employs sarcasm.
The Essentials
  • When he’s not writing at AllHabs or analyzing at his 9-to-5, he enjoys watching a good suspense/drama movie. Steve loves animals and hopes to one day have a chance to go on an African safari. He is therefore subscribed to the National Geographic channel. According to klout, he has influence on salmon, and once had influence on earthquakes. He lives with two cats who go by the names of ScratchMaster Tricky and Phatty McSchmatty. They are more awesome than your pets, especially if they are dogs. He also likes dogs. Father of none, brother of one.
What you must know
He has 3 scars:

  • One on his forehead, which he got as a small child after falling face first on the beak of a thermos.
  • One across his ear, after passing out in his bathroom, falling head to the floor causing a screw to pierce his ear before tearing it in half.
  • One on his right cheek (face), which he recently got after fighting off three gargoyles and eight trolls in a dark alley.
What you probably didn’t know
As a rookie playing in his first year of Junior AAA, he had to undergo the following initiation after a game on the road:

  • Had to drink two warm beers that had been sitting on the heater inside the bus, before being allowed to enter the bus.
  • Had to get naked and go into the little bathroom in the back of the bus, with the other rookies, all six of them for a period of 15 minutes.
  • Had to go into a McDonalds in his underwear, to get kicked out under pretext he needed shoes and a t-shirt, so then returned wearing his underwear, shoes and a t-shirt and had a meal.
  • Back from the bus ride, had to ‘down’ a drink mixed with various types of hard alcohol, a drink that’s guaranteed to not stay down.
  • Slogans were written on him with markers, his hair filled with vaseline, and he was then put into adult diapers and brought to the biggest pub in that town.
  • He had to dance in front of everyone until the veterans tore off his diaper, and was then forced to stand in a corner covering his junk with his hands.
  • That about sums it up, and oh, he had to swallow a gold fish that night too.
The Stats
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