Who’s This Guy? All Habs Special Edition – Steven


by Chantal, Managing Editor, AllHabs.net

So you can get to know Habs players, All Habs provides you with “Who’s this guy” condensed biographies. So you can get to know the people who write for you, we present “Who’s this guy/girl All Habs Special Edition”. Today, Steven.

Steven – Staff Writer, AllHabs.net
  • Height: 6′
  • Age: 18 years old
  • Writes: Right
  • Born: Oakville, Ontario
  • Drafted: By All Habs, Autumn 2011
The Specs
  • Steven probably hasn’t been a Habs fan for as long as the other writers, as he didn’t start following hockey until about 2003. He was a NASCAR fan at birth, and just didn’t watch any other sports for a while. He did start liking the Leafs (terrible, we know) around 2002 when his dad introduced him to the game. Steven’s mother knocked some sense into him, buying him a Habs jersey. That’s when he officially turned to the light side. He has only been to one Habs game in his life, October 11th, 2003 against Toronto, but living a good six or so hours away from Montreal doesn’t help.
The Essentials
  • Since the age of three, Steven wanted to be a race car driver, it’s his passion. He started racing when he was 8, against 20-year olds. He won a lot, and was pretty good at it. But he had his right knee run over by a go kart, which ended any chance of him getting into high level racing (the knee still hurts many years later). After that, he turned his focus to becoming a musician, which died after about a month. Crazy dreams that weren’t likely to happen. He thinks it would be really cool to be Willy Wonka. He really, really, really wants one of his factories.
What you must know
  • He can name at least five current goalies, with pad and helmet types, in every NHL organization. He’s a little obsessed, one could say.
What you probably didn’t know
  • Not too long ago, Steven was recording some guitar for his band. He was playing standing up, and the strap fell off his guitar, breaking his left pinky toe. About an hour later, he was looking for a friend’s phone number in a phone book and accidently dropped it on his right pinky toe, also breaking that. In an hour, he broke both pinky toes, forcing him to walk on his heels, which led to dislocating a finger from a fall. He’s injury prone, one could say.
The Stats


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