Why Are The Oiler Scouts Still Following Canadiens?


    Spector’s Hockey:


    “AJ” sends in the following: Was watching the Habs game on RDS… Pierre and Yvon were talking about how Edmonton Scouts have been following the Habs (for several games?)… Neither team is playing against each other nor are they playing against opponents who would be playing each other? Who knows.. where there’s smoke there could be a match . Who could Montreal possibly be interested in? Horcoff or Hemsky? You think the oilers would give up that? I don’t think so.


    I would have a hard time believing that Shawn Horcoff is available as he is playing extremely well right now and is having a fantastic season. Hemsky is also having a good year so I’m not sure he would be available especially when the Oilers are struggling to put the puck in the net. I would tend to think that Jarret Stoll , Raffi Torres, Fernando Pisani or even Robert Nilsson could be available. None of them would be considered earth shattering acquisitions for the Habs.

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