All Habs Mailbag: Lapointe, Domi, Galchenyuk, Grigorenko, Swap Picks

Max Domi, London Knights

Written by Robert Rice, Senior Writer, 

TORONTO, ON — As part of a new continuing feature, I have decided to re-open the All Habs Mailbag to take in and answer questions about all things Montreal Canadiens. While I have in the past taken questions and answers on my Twitter feed about Habs prospects, sometimes 140 characters is not really enough for a good answer.  This way I thought I could expand the scope of my discussions into complete coverage about the Montreal Canadiens.

This feature will run on Wednesdays, answering the most popular or poignant questions about the Canadiens. If you have any questions about the Canadiens or the farm system, feel free to submit whatever is on your mind. I’d like to kick this feature off with a strong showing so please don’t be shy!

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Three Guidelines for Submissions:

  • This is not for hate mail or complaints. If you have an issue with what you read on these pages, this is not the place to bring it up. The mailbag is for questions about the Canadiens.
  •  As long-time readers of All Habs know, we do not publish rumours.  Therefore I will not engage in discussion of the validity of rumours — frankly I consider them a waste of time anyway.  For every rumour that was close to accurate, there have been about a thousand duds.
  •  Nothing of essay-length please. There will be other people who will have questions and it is a bit unfair if I have to dedicate the Mailbag to answering one very large question or someone who’s asking five questions at once.
Let’s open the All Habs mailbag!



So dreger is reporting Martin Lapointe will be appointed director of player development. What is Mellanby again? And where does leave TT ya think?

Scott Mellanby has been named Director of Player Personnel. The difference is essentially that Mellanby is overseeing the professional level, AHL and NHL while and Montreal while Lapointe will be overseeing the team’s amateur level prospects in Junior and NCAA hockey. Where this leaves Timmins is his portfolio is Director of Player Procurement, or simply, he is the head of amateur scouting. That’s his primary strength so this will allow Timmins to focus on what he is best at. Given the scope of Timmins previous portfolio this is better as he was just given too many responsibilities before. Most teams at the least have a Director of Player Development, or Player Personnel separate from their head of scouting.



What do you think it takes for leafs to swap with Habs pick?

It would probably take a very favourable deal involving at least two higher draft picks, or a prospect of strong NHL potential. The 2012 Draft has a very steep drop-off in elite talent so a higher pick in this draft is pretty important for a team looking to add a franchise player. Montreal has been looking at some players available later like Teuvo Teravainen,  Matt Dumba and Morgan Reilly but my sense of the matter is they stick to 3rd overall unless they’re given ridiculous compensation.



Max Domi, London Knights

When is Max Domi eligible for draft?  Who has expressed interest? HABS?

Max Domi is eligible for the 2013 NHL Draft. At present no team has expressed very much interest as right now everyone is much more focused on the 2012 Draft. Teams rarely like to overly express interest either, as it can tip their hands towards draft targets and if they wish to move up, an opposing team will make them pay extra to move up, knowing of their intended target.



I assume Habs will either draft Galchenyuk or Grigorenko at the No. 3 spot…can they really go wrong with either? I like both…

That’s a loaded question depending upon who you ask. I’m an unreserved Galchenyuk supporter as I believe his high talent level, mixed with his complete game and work ethic creates the model of what the Canadiens need as a franchise forward. Grigorenko from reports I have, has a superior offensive talent level to Galchenyuk, but is much more reserved physically despite his greater size and discussions of his consistency and work ethic can be somewhat concerning. Galchenyuk’s knee injury is also a gamble in itself, as you’re working a lot of off scout’s projections when Galchenyuk was 16. I’m of the mind Galchenyuk is the right choice for Montreal, but with the Habs scouting record and the minds at work, if they decide Grigorenko is the right choice than I will not doubt them. Galchenyuk will score less but be tougher and stronger across all three zones as an NHL player, Grigorenko will be a more dominant offensive force so it can also depend on how the Canadiens envision their team being built.



Isn’t it a crapshoot from pick 2-9 (In the 2012 Draft)?

While Nail Yakupov is the best player in the draft in view of almost the entire hockey scouting community, those that follow him are nothing to sneeze at it. Both Galchenyuk and Grigorenko offer an exceptional talent level that could have them as franchise forwards. Morgan Rielly, Ryan Murray and Matt Dumba all have the potential of a team’s franchise defencemen. Forsberg and Tervainen may not be considered to be franchise offensive players but both of them can project as good to very good 1st-line forwards. Griffin Reinhart and Jacob Trouba may not be franchise defencemen in most projections either but they could be very good defencemen at the NHL level.



Hey do you know who the highest ranked French player is in the draft and what he’s ranked? Is it Francis Beauvillier?

In terms of “Pure Laine” Quebec-born talent, Charles Hudon can be considered the top French Canadian player in the NHL Draft and is rated as a late 2nd to 3rd round pick. On the other hand, Stefan Matteau’s family background and his calling Blainville, Quebec home despite his being born in the United States arguably makes Matteau the name in question. Matteau is ranked as a late 1st to mid 2nd in the Draft. As for Beauvillier, he is ranked as a 3rd to 4th round pick in this year’s draft at present.