Could Selanne Be The Next Duck To Return?


Picture of Teemu Selanne at the Anaheim Ice arena

Teemu Selanne has begun a skating program on his own at Anaheim Ice, but that does not necessarily mean the longtime fan favorite is set for a return to the Ducks.
Selanne, who was on the ice three times last week and plans to resume skating this week, is still trying to gauge whether he has the desire to return to the rigors of NHL play, he said Saturday.
“So far, I don’t know yet,” Selanne said. “I’m going to skate for a couple of weeks now, start pushing more and more, and then I will feel for sure if I feel good enough. The good thing is I have done everything I have to do if I want to come back.
“I’ve been working out five times a week, but I haven’t been skating before. We all know it doesn’t matter what you do – it’s not the same as skating.”
Selanne, whose wife, Sirpa, gave birth to the couple’s fourth child Dec. 5, said he had long planned to begin skating this month. No serious conversations with Ducks general manager Brian Burke about a potential return to the team have taken place.
“I talked to Burkie before Christmas, and said I would start skating after New Year’s and just go from there,” Selanne said. “I want to make the decision this month. This is the last process in my thinking. I want to start pushing myself and make sure how I feel. I feel great (physically). I think it’s more mental – if I’m ready to push myself enough at that level again.
“I have to be honest. Obviously, I have a great situation. I don’t have to come back. Especially when I come to games and see all the boys play, I get really excited, but I have to get the feeling, that this is going to be awesome. I have to feel 100 percent that everything is there.”
Selanne, 37, finished third in the NHL with 48 goals last season, led the Ducks with 94 points and led the league with 25 power-play goals.
When or if Teemu Selanne does return, it will be with the Ducks and no where else. Selanne doesn’t want to uproot his large family from his North American home in the Anaheim area. As stated above, the Selanne clan has expanded to a fourth child and the last thing Teemu and his wife would want to do is move or disturb the family unit to another city……..sorry Hab fans but Selanne isn’t coming to Montreal to play with Saku Koivu, besides why would Saku recommend Montreal to his friend when the media has mistreated him so badly!!!!