A tale of two GMs (Gainey vs Ferguson)


The rest of the family might be joining this guy!!!!


Great article by’s David Shoalts comparing JFJ and Bob Gainey as general managers. Absolutely no contest!!!!…..Gainey is the hands down winner just with his long term vision for the Canadiens without sacrificing the team’s prospects/future, something JFJ has been terrible with. As the article states, the Habs have a very bright future with players like Price, Plekanec, Kostitsyns, Higgins and Komisarek already making big contributions at the NHL level. They also have some very good prospects at Hamilton and in the junior ranks who will also pay dividends in the near future.

Sorry Leafs fans, there isn’t much to look forward to……wait a minute!!! I forgot about the John Tavares sweepstakes or fiasco……it reeks of desperation, doesn’t it!!! One very good “prospect” does not turn around years of neglect within an organization.