Habs Rumour Of The Day: Hossa Montreal Bound?


February 4, 2008, 2:18 PM ET

Tons of Rumours Swirling today around the Habs and Thrashers. The Canadiens are interested in Hossa, but not willing to give up Higgins or a roster player…only prospects and picks, UNLESS an extension could be reached.
February 4th, 2008 at 11:19:00 AM
I’m very hesitant to throw this rumour out there but what the hell…….it’s a rumour and we are 22 days from the trade deadline so here we go:
Team 990’s Tony Marinaro is reporting that he has spoken to two reliable sources that have confirmed Bob Gainey and Don Waddell have had some discussions about potential players including Marian Hossa. The sources also stated that Christopher Higgins and blue chip defense prospect Alexei Emelin were of interest to the Thrashers in a potential package for Hossa. I think there would have to be a draft pick (1st or 2nd rounder) included in a potential package for Marian Hossa.Pretty steep price to pay for a rental player unless Gainey is given permission to negotiate with Hossa before a trade is worked out (Gainey doesn’t negotiate contracts during the season so…???).

Thrashers GM Don Waddell was at both Canadiens games over the weekend to scout the Canadiens but also to scout both New York teams so maybe we shouldn’t read too much into this rumour. I also have my doubts about Waddell trading Hossa this early before the trade deadline as his team is still in the playoff hunt, only 3 points behind the Bruins for the 8th spot in the Eastern Conference.

Unless he can improve his team now or is blown away by a great deal, then Waddell will wait until his team is out of playoff contention and/or when the trade deadline is closer so he can get a better deal with a potential bidding war frenzy. I heard Don Waddell tell Sportsnet’s Hockeycentral cast before the All-Star game that if he were unable to sign Marian Hossa then if he had to trade him, it would be closer to the trade deadline as it would increase his value.
Maybe Bob Gainey has had some preliminary discussions with Mr. Waddell which could be a starting point for a potential trade closer to Febuary 26th but beyond that, it would be a huge surprise to see a deal done this early.