Habs360 Podcast: Habs – Leafs Rivalry [AUDIO]


All Habs Hockey Magazine is pleased to support bloggers who have taken the initiative to share their passion for the Montreal Canadiens with fellow hockey fans. All Habs will feature a 15-minute weekly capsule of the Habs360 podcast heard in its entirety on blogtalkradio live every Saturday afternoon.

Posted by Chris G, Special to All Habs Hockey Magazine

This week’s edition of the Habs360 podcast (February 9th) was hosted by Chris G (@chrisg1980) along with co-hosts Peter (@PeterGalanos) and George.

Habs360iconThis week’s topics:

      • Ryan White’s indiscipline
      • Habs after 10 games.
      • P.K. Subban’s return
      • Matteo from (@LeafMatters) podcast and Erica (@Habitherway) joined us to talk about the Habs – Leafs rivalry
      • and lots more!

Listen to this week’s capsule of the Habs360 podcast in the player below.

For the entire 60-minute podcast, you will find it here .

The next episode will air LIVE on Saturday, February 16th at 2 p.m. ET.

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