Highlight of the Night: Carey Price from the Bench [VIDEO]


By Steve Farnham, Associate Editor, All Habs Hockey Magazine

GREENFIELD PARK, QC. — Carey Price decided to make himself a serious contender for the highlight of the night this Monday night against the Carolina Hurricanes, and he wasn’t even playing. After Jamie McBain shot rinkthe puck over the glass and just past the Montreal Canadiens bench, Carey Price pulled off a classic windmill glove save, sparing Marc Denis from possible embarrassment. (Or not if you were listening to Bobby Dollas)

Unfortunately, the only camera angle that captures the save comes from a camera situated at the corner of Peel St. and Rene Levesque Blvd., but we can still see Price (far off in the distance) sitting in his chair motionless before curling his arm to catch the puck.

Marc Denis couldn’t hold back his laughter as he stood flat-footed beside Price, going on to explain that Price had mocked him earlier in the first period, with regards to what had happened to John Giannone in New York earlier this month.

“You know what, with Marc Denis, it probably would have went between his legs.” – Bobby Dollas

Let’s all go back to Thursday February 7, when the New York Rangers hosted the New York Islanders in the battle of New York. With the second period coming to a close, Marc Staal cleared the puck which landed directly between the benches, where Sportsnet’s John Giannone’s face was situated.

There was no goalie there to save Giannone but tough as nails as he is, he went on to describe on-air what had happened to him, while the cameras were filming him and the medical personal who were treating him for his cut. Giannone went on to say that he had “literally kept his eye on the puck”.

Later that night, Giannone tweeted the following:

But wait a minute there John, did you keep your eye on the puck or on the clock? What’s for certain is that you did get clocked.

Videos: HockeyVideoHD, Ramblin223

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