Islanders Hockey Blog: Hockey’s Worst Fans… By Far

    Hockey’s Worst Fans… By Far
    Written by Dave
    Islanders Hockey Blog
    Saturday, 19 December 2009 21:51
    I’ve had some computer troubles lately, which would explain my internet hiatus of sort. But my return comes tonight, what I saw, or heard tonight from the commotion in the stands disgusted me. As you may have noticed by looking outside, or as for me watching on the Weather Channel from Florida, there were “whiteout”, “blizzard conditions” on Long Island today. Thus, preventing too many local Long Islanders from coming to the game. But like anywhere their beloved team plays, Habs fans came in by the busload. “Twenty-two buses [in the parking lot]” Billy Jaffe commented during tonight’s broadcast. This was probably the loudest game since, well, the other night when the Rangers and Islanders fans went at it in the stands.
    Sensible people like you and I know it, Leafs and Senators fans know it best, that the Montreal Canadiens have the most uncivil, the most insolent fans in the National Hockey League. From eyewitness accounts of my friends who bared the blizzard and were at the Coliseum tonight, the game against “Les Habitants” started off like any other, the 6,000+ of them who seemed to be in large patches of the stands rather than widely spread out started with the thunderous booing of our national anthem, (a common Habs tradition of rudeness). And from the opening faceoff until the green light flashed at the end of the 3rd, it was ALL Canadiens fans, from “Go, Habs, Go” to “Ole! Ole! Ole!”, for those 60 minutes of play, the Nassau Coliseum became Montreal South.
    What infuriates me about these boorish, disrespectful, excuses-for-canadian-citizens is that they have the audacity to saunter into which ever arena they’re in (the Coliseum in our case) like they own the place. I heard there were cigarettes all over the floor in the smoking area outside the building among other trash left behind by our canadian guests. Flags with their team’s logo on them are ok, but a number of fans flagrantly waving the flag of the province of Quebec? That’s crossing the line! Go back if you like it so much! Don’t come to the U.S. and give your fellow countrymen in Ontario or British Colombia a bad rep here because you’re a boorish pig!
    My tirade aside, we must remember these are the fans that burn POLICE CARS after a first-round playoff victory.
    That’s right! Not exactly the cup, but first round over Boston.
    I’ve seen these fans before, about a year ago at the Bank Atlantic Center in Florida. They come in on a coach bus, (parking wherever it so pleases them), walk out nonchalantly with their Patrick Roy jerseys and all. They yell to each other, or at you in french as they sit down in their seats (or yours if you’re not there at the moment). Every time a canadien gets checked the roof blows off because they thought they deserved a penalty call.
    It’s undisputed, The Montreal Canadiens have the WORST FANS IN HOCKEY.