Jacques Martin: Chris Higgins, Michael Ryder and a first rounder for Olli Jokinen wouldn’t be enough


Spector’s Hockey:


“Daniel” sends in the following on the Florida Panthers:

“While he was interviewed this morning on CKAC, Panthers Coach/GM Jacques Martin stated that Jokinen is, like all the other players on his team, available. However, he won’t accept a trade that won’t improve his team right now. An animator suggest something like Chris Higgins, Michael Ryder and a first rounder and Martin said right away that this wasn’t enough for Jokinen. He said he wants players that will improve his team right now and for the future.”


Jacques Martin has a reputation among his fellow NHL GM as a person who is difficult to make a trade with as he asks for such an unrealistic return. This probably explains why Martin hasn’t made any substantial or blockbuster trades since being named as the Panthers GM before the 2006 season (when Mike Keenan was surprisingly fired) .

To be honest with you, I agree with Martin when he said to CKAC that it would take more than Higgins, Ryder(UFA) and a first round pick to get Jokinen. Olli Jokinen is signed to a very reasonable 4 year/$21.25 million contract that runs through the 2009-10 season and is a very rare NHL commodity: a big, highly skilled center so Martin is in no rush to deal his big center unless he gets a huge return. Habs fans,……can you imagine the possibilities…….I can but not at any cost!!!