La Presse: Camp du CH: Halak brille dans l’ombre de Huet et de Price


Habster’s take:

I honestly think Jaroslav Halak is a better technical goaltender than Cristobal Huet. Huet is good but does have a tendency to go down too early which some teams exploit by shooting high on him. Rarely do you see Halak out of position or going down too early. Another aspect of Halak’s game that appeals to me is his ability to handle the puck and assist his defensemen by clearing pucks out of the defensive zone (not something Huet does particular well). And lastly, Halak was very good on the few shootouts that he did handle last year ( remember the shootout win against Toronto on March 17th when TO went 1-4 in the SO).
Here’s a reminder:

I just think Halak proved he could play in the NHL and become a very good starter or back up.