Puck the Bunny Predicts: Montreal Canadiens vs New York Rangers [VIDEO]


Montreal Canadiens vs New York Rangers

Saturday February 23, 2013  7:00 pm.

CURITIBA, BRAZIL — Puck the Bunny appears on All Habs Hockey Magazine predicting outcomes of games from his home in the beautiful country of Brazil. Yes, an exotic prognosticating bunny! In 2011-’12, his first season as a member of the All Habs team, Puck’s record was an amazing 23-12-6!

Today he picks the winner of Montreal Canadiens vs New York Rangers.carnivalbunnybunny

What happened against the Islanders? You don’t want to make Puck angry. Seriously! He is tiny but his bite hurts. Puck knows you can’t win all (unless you are the Blackhawks) but he hates when the Habs lose because they think they have already won the game and stop playing!

It’s like soccer, you can’t let your opponent enjoy the game, and you need to keep playing as hard as you can. If they scores one goal, you score 2 – 3 – 4 goals. Can’t stop playing until you hear the siren…

He hopes to see Habs winning vs the Rangers just like they did last time!

Go Habs Go!

Who did Puck choose today? Watch! His record this season is 9-4-2.

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Just a few words for our Brazilian friends: Puck the Bunny tem um importante trabalho. Ele trabalha para o All Habs Brasil com a função de prever resultados de jogos — hoje ele escolherá o vencedor do jogo Montreal Canadiens vs New York Rangers.

Quem ele irá escolher? Assista e descubra!

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