Russian Hockey Digest: The Russian perspective of game one in Junior Super series


    Habster’s take:

    I always enjoy reading/listening to different perspectives or opinions whether it’s about sports, world issues or politics. The world would be a very boring place to live in if we all had the same points of view on various subjects.
    With that being said, the Russia vs Canada junior super series has started with Team Canada pulling out the victory in game one. I was curious about what the Russian media thought about the first game so I browsed the internet in search of an opinion. Ruslan Salikhov of Russian Hockey Digest wrote about the game and certainly gave a gloomy/pessimistic view of Russia’s chances in this series. He makes some good points that I can’t disagree with.
    Is this series a formality in which Team Canada will walk all over Team Russia? I don’t think that will be the case but Team Canada will not be out hit, out played or intimidated by this much younger Russian team.