I have posted the following comments from Lyle “Spector” Richardson about a “rumoured” trade possibility:


    Spector’s Note: The following was sent in by several readers:

    RDS: Yvon Pednault reported during last night’s Montreal-Florida game that the Canadiens and Calgary Flames might be talking about a swap of Alex Kovalev for Alex Tanguay. Scouts from the Calgary Flames were apparently in attendance, possibly to scout Kovalev, who used to play for Flames head coach Mike Keenan in New York and Keenan could be interested in bringing him to Calgary. Tanguay is supposedly unhappy playing for Keenan and is said to have recently missed an important team meeting.

    Spector’s Note: My thanks to “Claude”, Michel Pilon, “Alex”, Francois Perron and others. The Habs don’t play the Flames at all this season and the Panthers aren’t due to meet the Flames until December. It’s possible the Flames scouts were there to see Kovalev, or perhaps they’re scouting other players on either club. Kovalev did complain to the media after last night’s game about head coach Guy Carbonneau not taking a time out near the end of the third period, and I think the last thing GM Bob Gainey needs is Kovalev feuding with Carbonneau again. That being said, let’s not be too quick to make assumptions. Yes, the salaries are about right (Tanguay earns nearly $1 million more per season than Kovalev) but it remains to be seen if anything comes of this. Scouts were San Jose were also apparently in attendance.