Sundin Destined For Montreal?


“We like our team, and the players on our team have earned us into the position we are in right now,” Gainey said. “We have pretty good depth at most positions and we have [salary cap] flexibility because a number of our players are young enough that they could move back and forth between the AHL and the NHL. So, we’d be looking for the opportunity to to add a specific player. It would obviously depend on the price-tag. But, if we’re going to move on something, we don’t want to move sideways. If we’re going to get better, it would mean adding a more mature, impact player and — in some way — being able to satisfy the other team with something that wouldn’t pull a [big] piece out of our existing club.”


When Howard Berger states, ” A number of loud whispers behind the scenes here indicate that Montreal has risen close to the forefront in the Sundin trade discussions”………I’m wondering where he’s hearing these “loud whispers”. I don’t presume to know Berger very well so I don’t know how well connected he is to the NHL establishment. I do know TSN’s Bob McKenzie is one of the most respected and NHL connected reporters in the world so if he is stating that Gainey is serious about obtaining an impact player like Mats Sundin ( then there is some truth to it.