A Winning Trio


Molson Coors bets on a winning trio for the series

Press release

Montreal, April 12, 2012 – Molson Coors just scored a hat trick as part of its sponsorship deal with the National Hockey League (NHL®). For the first time in the league’s history, it will place the Stanley Cup® on the primary packaging of the three official North American hockey beers: Molson Canadian, Molson Export and Coors Light. The 473 ml cans for the three Stanley Cup® brands will be offered in limited editions in most grocery and convenience stores. In addition, while the playoffs are just starting, Molson Coors announces the expansion of Molson Canadian in Quebec. Another good reason to celebrate the playoffs with Molson Coors!

“Hockey has always played an important role for our brewery,” notes Melanie Robitaille, Senior brand manager at Molson Coors. “We are thrilled to be able to share our passion for Canada’s national sport, by making our three official hockey beers standard bearers for the Stanley Cup®. As a result of this important step, Molson Canadian, Molson Export and Coors Light are uniting their efforts to form a winning trio that will enable the province’s hockey fans to celebrate the playoffs in style.”

Molson Coors is also taking advantage of its NHL® sponsorship deal to extend distribution of Molson Canadian throughout the province of Quebec. Consumers will no longer have to look far to rediscover and enjoy this well-known lager, which is brewed with all the best that our country has to offer: local water, barley from the prairies and no preservatives. Molson Canadian offers a perfect balance between a moderately full-bodied taste, a touch of hop-inspired bitterness, crowned with a soft and refreshing finish. Targeted towards hockey fans, sports enthusiasts and outdoors lovers, the brand joins Molson Export and Coors Light just in time for the start of the playoffs!

Playoff contest
During the NHL® playoffs, the sponsorship will also enable consumers to find commemorative cards that recall the great moments of Stanley Cup® finals since 1918, in specially marked cases of Molson Canadian, Molson Export and Coors Light. These cards will enable consumers to participate in a Facebook contest that gives them a chance to win numerous prizes, including a trip for the 2012 Stanley Cup® finals.

Which was your favorite final playoff round?
To highlight the coming playoffs, Molson Coors asked hockey fans to remember their favorite Stanley Cup® final. To no one’s surprise, more than half of Quebecers said that the 1993 final remains one of the best moments in hockey history. For 70% of British Columbia residents, the 2011 final between the Vancouver Canucks® and the Boston Bruins® was the best final in history (compared to 23% at the national level). Finally, 72% of Quebecers, agree that the playoffs are best watched among friends. They provide the ideal opportunity to enjoy one of the NHL®’s official beers!

About the Molson Coors survey
Molson Coors commissioned Ipsos Reid to conduct a poll among 1,046 adults drawn from the general public, between May 5th and May 12th. The poll included a margin of error of plus or minus 2%.