HNIC’s While the Men Watch Debuts for Stanley Cup Final




Funny, light and distinctly female-centered live game streaming begins with Game 1 of

the 2012 Stanley Cup Final at

CBC News Release

CBC’S HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA today announced a partnership agreement with WhileTheMenWatch, a popular online sports talk-show for women.  Providing a cheeky adult soundtrack to the 2012 Stanley Cup Final, WhileTheMenWatch Hockey Night raises the curtains on the female-centered, fun, provocative and entertaining conversation at through live video and audio streaming of each game.

Hosts and longtime friends, Lena Sutherland and Jules Mancuso, devised the idea when talking on the phone while their husbands were watching the same football game. The two began providing their own play-by-play about the players, rules and coaches in need of make-overs. It wasn’t long before was born. Since the site launched, the pair has been providing their own brand of live “girl talk” style in-game insight to hockey, football, baseball, basketball and more.

“I’m looking forward to hearing Lena and Jules’ take on the Stanley Cup Final,” said Cassie Campbell-Pascall, Analyst, CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada.  “I think it’s going to be a lot of fun for more casual viewers who are not overly interested in the x’s and o’s of hockey and it may even resonate with some of the most dedicated fans.”

Sutherland and Mancuso will call the games from a special living room inspired set at the CBC Headquarters in Toronto, complete with lounge chairs and a stunning cityscape backdrop. A live video stream showcasing the action on the ice and from the broadcast lounge will be available to viewers across Canada each game night while those outside Canada will be able to hear their sultry calls via an audio-only stream.  In addition to live streaming and commentary, will also feature exclusive blog posts related to the 2012 Stanley Cup Final and the sport of hockey in general.